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Solar in Arkansas, an Introduction

I’ve never ventured into this type of writing before. 

I’m hoping the opportunity to teach people through this medium will make me a better writer, at least an an attempt to write something well thought out. I hope it gets better (and quicker) over time.

I started this business based on my experience with the solar industry since 2017. Like anything else, it takes time to learn and saturate. So how does one portray a message that people can relate and understand with a technology that is still in the forefront of this age? In my opinion, it probably will be an ongoing endeavor.

I decided to start a campaign to bring awareness about solar in Arkansas. In here, people will experience what solar can do for them and know the in and outs of the solar industry as a whole. Some solar businesses will probably not be happy, but I stand firm on our mission statement. Education, Value, and Transparency.

The segment will be titled as such…

“Makes Sense”

A discussion, or knowledge bomb of how you and solar can coexist. 

Yours Truly

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