Offering Solar Installations with Home Solar Battery Backup

See if solar battery backup is right for you here in Arkansas.

Store Your Solar Energy

With batteries, you can store your solar energy and use it around the clock, 24/7. Solar + storage allows you to reduce your overall reliance on fossil fuels.


Enjoy a self-powered home

Never worry about the lights or your internet going out, especially in times of crisis. With storage, even when the grid is up, you can be virtually autonomous from the utility.


When the grid is out, keep your power on

Without storage, grid-tied solar arrays are designed to shut down during grid outages to keep utility workers safe while servicing the powerlines. When you pair solar electricity with battery storage, you can keep the essentials of your home running when the power goes out.

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Common Solar Battery Questions

Yes, absolutely. There are different configurations available and every crisis is different. However, energy backup during emergencies is one of the biggest benefits of having a solar battery. 

Yes. A big part of the reason that solar batteries are increasing in popularity is that they allow many homeowners greater control over their home energy usage. As a result, they have the chance to save money and rely less on grid-supplied energy, which tends to come from less environmentally friendly sources.

A solar home battery allows you to store cheaper solar energy produced during the day so that it can be used at times when you need it most—when the sun goes or grid goes down. 

A home battery is the missing piece to the home energy. A home battery provides energy independence, by powering your home even without the energy grid, like during a power outage. When paired with solar panels, you can even go off the energy grid. In short, a home battery has many different benefits.