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Homeowners Guide To Going Solar

Looking for a solar company in Arkansas? Whether you already know that solar is right for you or you are new to solar entirely, we’ll walk you through shoulder to shoulder.

Roofs are usually the best place for solar panels.

Most of our solar array systems are roof mounted or installed directly onto the structure itself. For roof mounts, a panel system is secured to the structure of the roof with penetrations made in the rafters. These are then weather-sealed to prevent any water damage. 

Roof mounts are by far the most common residential installation as they are budget friendly and fit in seamlessly with the house. 

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Experience the cost of going solar without seeing anyone. 

When you shop for solar installers, things can get a little confusing.

The process of going solar may seem long and complicated. There are many steps involved, but most of these steps are in place to ensure that the right solution is found. A quality minded, well-informed representative will own and manage all these steps next to you. We’re a solar company in Arkansas that focuses on Education, Transparency, and Value. 

The components that comprise a solar system have no moving parts, require no regular maintenance, and are highly durable with standard warranties ranging between 10 to 25 years ( Peak Power Solar only uses 25 year products). The technology has been improving in recent years. Today, top solar companies suggest that the last frontier of renewable energy is battery storage. 25 years is considered a standard benchmark regarding the life of your system and your financial metrics. 

Usually, solar companies are confined to one brand and push them out to clients. There is nothing wrong about this as solar is a lifetime commitment of learning and implementing.

We at Peak Power Solar approach you with multiple brands and together see what brand best fits your lifestyle.

Solar installation systems can withstand 140mph winds and withstand hail sized golf ball. Simply put, solar is an extremely durable product. Arkansas weather (other than tornadoes) have no match with solar. 

We offer solar installations in arkansas, Let us help with your project.

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What you should expect

Evaluation & Design

Solar panels are where the electricity gets generated, but are only one of the many parts in a complete photovoltaic (PV) system. In order for the generated electricity to be useful in a home or business, a number of other technologies must be in place.We use top of the line solar software to give you the most accurate design possible. Lidar, Roof Measurements/Orientation, Sun Radiation/Simulation, and more.

Solar Installation in Arkansas

Tier 1 Quality Products

Today, solar products come in many varieties to meet the different cost, performance, size, efficiency, and aesthetic needs of customers. The type of solar products you obtain will vary based on the solar manufacturer. We only carry products that have a 25 year warranty and have been in business for 10 plus years.

Solar Contractor in Arkansas

Solar Panel Level Monitoring

A key hurdle to improving array lifetime performance is the lack of real understanding of how arrays deteriorate over time and the lack of detailed and accurate insight into array troubleshooting. Lifetime monitoring provided by manufacturer for the life of the system is a very important tool to diagnose a system efficiently. This is exceptionally important as to make the warranty claim process simple for you.

Solar Contractor in Arkansas

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